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4-канальный микшер звуковых балансных моносигналов
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The VA-14 is a high performance 4-channel mixer for mono balanced audio signals on XLR connectors. The unit inputs 4 channels of any combination of balanced, line or microphone level audio signals, and outputs to 2 balanced mixed audio outputs and a headphone signal output.

  • S/N Ratio - Mic in, phones out: 45.3db. Line in, phones out: 83.3dB. Line in, line out: 84.3dB. Mic in, line out: 64dB.
  • Inputs - 4 line or microphone level (individually selectable).
  • Outputs - 2 line or microphone level (Individually selectable) - 1 phone output.
  • Phantom Power - 48V DC on each input (individually selectable).
  • Level (Gain) Control - Individual for each input & master and headphone output.
  • Desktop Size - Two units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-1 universal rack adapter.

4-Channel Balanced Audio Mixer

INPUTS: 4 balanced audio, Line or Mic, on female XLR connectors
OUTPUTS: 2 audio, balanced on a male XLR connector
One headphone output on a 6.5mm connector
MAX. OUTPUT LEVEL: Line: 20Vpp; Phones: 4.5Vpp; Mic: 300mVpp
BANDWIDTH (-3dB): > 40 kHz
S/N RATIO: Mic in, Phones Out: 45.3dB
Line In, Phones Out: 83.3dB
Line In, Line Out: 84.3dB
Mic In, Line Out: 64dB
CROSSTALK (all hostile): Mixed inputs
CONTROLS: Line In, Line Out: <-57dB to -14.3dB
Mic In, Line Out; <0dB to 60.5dB
Line In, Phones Out: <-47dB to -18dB
Mic In, Phones Out: <0dB to 58.9dB
In level and master/phones level, min to max position for both
Line In, MIC OUT range: <-50dB to -25dB
Mic In, Mic Out range:<0dB to 21.6dB
Underside slide switches: inputs: Line/Mic and +48V phantom ON/OFF
Outputs: Line/Mic
COUPLING: In: AC; out: bal line/mic – DC; phones, AC
AUDIO THD + NOISE: Line In, Line Out: 0.007%; Mic In, Line Out: 0.15%
Line In, Phones Out: 0.085%
Mic In, Phones Out: 0.38%
AUDIO 2nd HARMONIC: Line In, Line Out: 0.001%; Mic In, Line Out: 0.005%
Line In, Phones Out: 0.009%; Mic In, Phones Out: 0.024%
DIMENSIONS: 21.5cm x 16.2cm x 4.4cm (8.46" x 6.38" x 1.73"), W, D, H
WEIGHT: 1.4 kg. (3.1 lbs.) approx.
ACCESSORIES: Power supply
OPTIONS: 19" rack adapter

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